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The Tellington TTouch is a teaching method for animals that incorporates body work, and ground exercises where appropriate, to help improve co-ordination, balance, and athletic ability whilst deepening further communication and understanding between the animal and its owner/carer.


TTOUCH helps increase levels of self confidence, self awareness

and self-control.


Developed by  Linda Tellington-Jones, TTEAM and TTOUCH is used widely in many countries across the world by shelter assistants, dog trainers, zoos, veterinarians, therapists and pet owners.

With its roots in the Feldenkrais method of Awareness Through Movement, TTOUCH techniques gently guide the animal through non-habitual exercises that can alter existing habitual patterns.   As posture affects behaviour, many owners and carers note that unwanted behaviour diminishes as the animals posture improves.  TTOUCH teaches the animal to act, rather than simply re-act.



Benefits of TTouch:




About TTouch...


UK's Only Qualified TTouch Practitioner + FitPAWS Master Trainer / CCFT

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The Tellington TTouch is a valuable tool that can help overcome a variety of problems:


Dislike of contact

Fear of the vet - Grooming issues - Handling issues - Reluctance to be petted - Defensiveness due to injury - Hand shyness


Noise sensitivity

Fear of thunder - Fear of fireworks - Reaction to household noise - Gun Shyness


Lack of balance

Leash pulling  - Stumbling - Training difficulties - Poor performance - Gait - Stiffness



Jumping up - Excessive chewing - Excitability - Spinning - Excessive panting - Pacing - Lack of concentration - Inability to settle



Fear biting - Timidity - Lack of confidence - Reluctance to socialise - Separation anxiety


Travelling Issues

Excitability/restless/Reluctance - Excessive Vocalisation - Vomiting - Excessive Salivation


TTouch Methods


Tellington TTouch® can deepen the bond between you and your companion animal.  It offers a positive approach to training, which emphasises cooperation and partnership.  Learn how you can apply TTouch to eliminate inappropriate behaviors, assist with recovery from injury and illness, or just enhance the quality of your animal’s life.


TTouch influences the nervous system in a passive yet highly potent way. It improves focus, lowers stress levels and promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing.


TTouch recognises a connection between posture and behaviour.  

It uses:


Observations: Behaviour, responses, posture, tension patterns, respiration, sighing, temperature changes, ticklish


TTouch Bodywork: Circles, Slides and Lifts

Non Habitual Movements: Leg Circles, Tail Work, Belly Lifts, Rib Releases


Groundwork: Leading Exercises, Handler Posture, Labyrinth, Different Surfaces, Teeter Totter and Raised Boards, Pole Work


Equipment used: Balance Leash, Double Ended Lead, Harness, Flat Collar, Head Collar, Ropes, Calming Bands, Wands, Assess-a-Hands, Paint Brushes, Sheepskin Mitts etc


Body Wraps (Shown in picture on top right)

The body wrap gives animals a sense of connection and gives the animal feedback about tension and space. These simple wraps, that are basically bandages help many dogs with shyness, reactivity, fear of thunder / fireworks, strangers, car sickness, arthritis, stress. They help balance the body, build confidence, main focus and bring awareness to the dogs body. They are also helpful when preparing to introduce a body harness.


Thundershirt (Shown in picture on bottom right)

They are very effective for thunder storms and noise sensitivity; and help to reduce anxiety and improve confidence. As Thundershirts look like a coat many people feel better about taking their dogs out in public. Some dogs who have trouble accepting a Thundershirt due to the velcro, but have been very accepting of an Ace Body Wrap instead.


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About Groundwork:

Tellington TTouch Groundwork looks like an agility course, but it is done slowly. It is also often called Lead exercises, awareness course, confidence coure or playground of higher learning.


The slow considered movements in the groundwork exercises calm and relax the dog.


The combination of TTouch and groundwork exercises combine to encourage better brain/body function that enables the dog to have more options physically, mentally and emotionally.


Benefits to TTouch Groundwork:


- It's FUN

- Focus and think – handler and dog

- When we move slowly the nervous system pays more attention to what it is doing – uses different parts of the brain and it uses different muscles

- Moves it into a real situation – bringing into function

- Allows a dog to explore non-habitual ways of moving

- Increases coordination

- Must be in own balance to benefit the most

- Gives a new way to meet other dogs and relating in another way

- Increases confidence

- Overcomes fears by having ways to keep the experience successful

- The more the dog can be in balance the more they will learn about themselves

- Improving self-carriage (posture); increases self-confidence; increases self-control

- Movement increases proprioceptive input = awareness of where your body parts are in space

- Proprioceptive input increase dopamine (neuro-transmitter which helps influence emotional state)


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