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About Melody Todd


The Positive Dog Training, TTouch, Fitness & Behaviour Specialist


Springer Loaded Canine Fitness encompasses all aspects of a dogs fitness, not just her physically, it also includes mental, emotional health and wellbeing. With a combination of TTouch, training and fitness sessions, I aim to help dogs to feel fit in every way, also the fun way.


Where do I start?

I have had dogs all my life - from rescue Mongrels, to Jack Russells to Golden Retriever. I now own 3 beautiful English Springer Spaniels (aged 5 years, 10 years and 12 years). They are a massive part of my life and always a pleasure to see and play with.


My journey...

After going on shoots and gun dog training years ago and being taught old fashioned methods (shouting no and lifting them by the scruff of their necks, I knew it was wrong (not reinforcing or kind to the dogs) and went on the trail to learn new training methods. I found the Alpha Education's Think Dog! course by the lovely Sarah Whitehead which was advertised in the Dogs Today magazine and thought YES I want to learn about body language, positive reinforcement etc. This course changed my life, I no longer thought that the man from the TV was cool and wanted to learn more.


I then read about Tellington TTouch, which was a gentle massage that you could do to your dog to calm them down and also help with walking on the lead. I then discovered that you could become a Practitioner. It seemed a little daunting at first thinking that I would have to do training for 3 years. So I went to Tellington TTouch Workshop at Harvey's Dog Training just to see if this was definitely something I would like to do. I loved it, I brought Purdey with me and she fell asleep by the end of the session - I was amazed.


In September, 2013, I qualified as a Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner (P1) and never looked back, so I can now offer you one-to-one sessions to help you and your dog. I can now also offer workshops and hopefully change someone else's life.


Plus for a year and a half I assisted at another APDT dog training school (Dognostics K9) to get the experience of working with people and their dogs. This had given me a lot of valuable experience and I thank Val for all her help. This gave me the encouragement to apply to do the APDT Assessment and great news I passed. My membership number is 01172.


I have also been to classes, work shops and seminars on agility, scent training, clicker gun dog training, body language and lots more.


My thirst to learn more about dog training and behaviour grew, therefore after 2 more years of study I completed with Distinction the HIGHER DIPLOMA in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training (level 5, Foundation degree equivalent). I am now a member of the CAPBT Association.


In 2016, I also achieved the Certified Canine Fitness Trainer / FitPAWS Master Trainer qualification, this included practical training and case studies through FitPAWS and intensive theory training on anatomy and body conditioning through the University of Tennessee.


Since June, I left my full time job to become fully self employed. I'm now at home with my dogs and use my log cabin as the doggie gym to help owners and their dogs. I love to offer 1-2-1 sessions as it it is more relaxing for the dog and gives the owner a chance to ask questions. I can always tweak the lessons to suit their needs.


So I have been on an amazing journey over the last 10 years, as CPD (Continued Professional Development) is so very important to me and the dog training industry I will continue to learn new skills to help others.



I look forward to working with you in the future.



Melody Todd

Dip.CABT (Level 5)

Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner in Training (P1)

MAPDT 01172

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT)


Based in Bozeat, Northamptonshire, NN29 7JP

Areas covered: Northamptonshire and surrounding areas (Milton Keynes, Peterborough, NW Cambridgeshire, North Bedfordshire)



UK's Only Qualified TTouch Practitioner + FitPAWS Master Trainer / CCFT

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About Melody Todd